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CLASSIC David Torn, Bearsville NY

I received the v-stack, today --- spent about an hour with it, so far: I knew immediately:
this, my friend, is most definitely a keeper! wow! Great voicing, really good dynamics, fantastic compression & feel from the essentialise my first impression, though: too flippin' cool!

CLASSIC Matte Henderson, Lake Hill NY

I can say, without reservation, that the V Stack is in a class of it's own. It is a unit of unparalleled versatility and it absolutely kills in an astounding variety of applications. It's the equivalent of adding another (extremely flexible) channel to an amp. Brilliant.........

BHM Henk van der Weide, Aruba

I tried it immediately and it sounds fantastic! This pedal does it for me! Many Thanks, I'm a happy man!

BHM Simon Darby-Smith, Rotherham GB

I bought a BHM model from you some 6 months ago and have to tell you it rocks big time. THANKYOU!

CLASSIC Josh Colow, Bearsville NY

I think you've built something really unique. This pedal needs to be heard by players. Used with an amp it sounds just like having a killing extra gain stage, and as a direct box it reacts like a touch sensitive amp.

CLASSIC Mike Robinson

This V-Stack is AWESOME! simple settings with all controls at mid-point turns my MESA/BOOGIE into a wall of Marshalls! COOL!!!!!!!

BHM Bo Larsson, Norrahammar, Sweden

I´m very impressed. I dont think I´ve ever had a better sound. I work as a pro musician in a band and we play all kinds of music. I´m also a songwriter and I record most of my demos in my own small "studio" and I´m sure the V-Stack will be most useful.

CLASSIC Terry Biddle, Brooklyn NY

This is a great pedal. I can pretty much get all the kinds of distorted and semi-distorted tones I want without having to buy 4 pedals or a Dual Rectifier. Kudos to you for a great product!

CLASSIC Colin Towell, UK

Fantastic pedal. I immediately finished a track off that I've been working on and re-did 'ALL' of the guitar parts using the V-Stack - played the track to a mate in Southampton and I'm going to have to kill him to get the pedal back!

BHM Andrew Kassak, Royal Oak MI

I took it along with my RS Classic over to my friend Brian's house to give it the test. Wow, we were both simply knocked out by the quality and performance of the V-stack and it was played through continually all night through several amps.

BHM Mike Pacheco, Farmington NM

The BHM came in a few weeks ago and I have not had time to thank you for such a great pedal. I also have the Tweedy, and they both complement my setup perfectly.

CLASSIC Jon Sterngold MD, Willits CA

It's got a great sound. It sounds terrific. I'm still in the first hour of fooling with it. Pedal to power amp to cab and I've got myself an amp!!

TWEEDY Jay Mullens

I just got the deal of a lifetime yesterday. I bought a tweed Deluxe, tweed Bassman, a tweed Twin, a blackface Deluxe and a Mesa MarkII for $220...I even got a roadie thrown in free. Seriously, I just purchased a Tweedy, and I have to say that in an era of over-hyped monthly product releases, your product may actually be understated. The Tweedy is a beautiful thing.

CLASSIC Paul Inder, Culver City CA

I am totally besotted with my V-Stack pedal. I have a vintage '59 Strat with a '62 rosewood neck and all original pickups (very warm) and plugging my old Strat into the V-Stack is like a marriage made in heaven for recording, live etc... Thank you guys for breaking the guitarist's DI sound barrier, excellent excellent.

BHM Pete Reid, Clagary AB Canada

I got the V Stack yesterday and so far I love it. Love the great distortion you can get at
whisper quiet volume... you guys nailed it for a practice tool. Can't wait to see what else it does.

CLASSIC Fred Zadick, Anza CA

It's got tremendous range of tweaks in it. It does have the british stack vibe, and also goes really great into a good amp..a mix of chime and marshall muscle all in's a fun pedal.

TWEEDY Brian Tan, Singapore

I just received my Tweedy today. Just to let you know that I love it! You did a great job in making it.

BHM Juan Rubio Gisbert, Pamplona, Spain

I've been playing my V-stack BHM and I like it very much. The sound is very right, and it's very useful.

BHM Daizo Tokuda, Tokyo, Japan

I received the V-Stack BHM version and have enjoyed very much. I really like its sound. In particular, clean sound is just beautiful!

CLASSIC Mark Cook, Arlington TX

The v-stack sounds great. It's wild how responsive the box is.

CLASSIC Gene Baker, Santa Maria CA

I must tell you, you guys make an evil pedal with the V Stack. I’ve had it for a few months now and I really dig it. You people make a great product. Keep up the good work.

TWEEDY Simon Baughen, Bristol GB

It really is a fantastic pedal. The sound and feel of this pedal really does live up to its description on the web-site, a true 'deluxe in a box'. Congratulations on another winner.

CLASSIC Slavco Bujaroski, NSW Australia

Had a quick low volume jam last night with my tweed deluxe and was very impressed. Excellent control with the
vol. control.

BHM Stephen Riker, Milan MO

Just wanted to say thank you for this fantastic pedal, knew it would be good after hearing the sound-file, but it still just blew me away!

CLASSIC Michael Fenwick, Chicago IL

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the V-stack is simply amazing. After having it for about 2 weeks, I'm starting to settle into it, and it has provided me with the classic Marshall tones I've been looking for, at any volume. The scary part is that this thing is making me consider selling off some amps. Simply fantastic.

BHM Gian Luca Pernazza, Perugia, Italy

The pedal works great. I have a Red Special replica and with BMH the sound is like that of Brian May.

BHM Hiro Kanaya, Webster NY

The pedal sounds great! Thanks.

CLASSIC Rob Albertuzzi, Islip NY

I'm very pleased with your pedal. It turns my Fire Amp into a Fire Marshall! I'ts a whole new voice with my amps. I love its singing sustain with zilch noise. Great job! Thanks.

CLASSIC Eric Roizman, Burbank CA

This pedal is the first solution for direct recording of a non mic'd amp that I've used that doesn't leave me cold. Very very good rock&roll tone. Responds nicely to rolling off the volume knob, too.

BHM Chris Jagger, Carshalton GB

Very nice indeed!! My wife and neighbours will be for ever in your debt.

CLASSIC Keith Simmerer, Seville OH

I thought I’d let you know how impressed I am with it. Everybody has noticed a significant difference. I have actually been able to turn down and lower our stage volume considerably, while managing to cut through the mix and hear myself better. I love the way you hit a note, and the attack is dirty, and as the note trails off it slowly cleans up. The clean tones are great too! Very sparkly and clear.

CLASSIC Jeff Riley, Arlington TX

I received the V-Stack today, and I am thoroughly impressed with it. It actually exceeded my expectations, which were already high! I've been without tube amplification for a good while now, and had pretty much forgotten what it's like to control drive level simply by using a guitar's volume knob. I can already tell that I'm going to be playing electric much more than I have been in recent years, because the responsiveness and feel is all there, and it just makes me want to keep playing and exploring tones. Thanks so much for designing such a great product!

TWEEDY Jeff Sanders, Santa Clara CA

Got the Tweedy yesterday, am a/b'íng w/ Classic today. Initial reaction - *very* positive.

CLASSIC Jim Motz, Gaithersburg MD

It gave me a very useful sound through a small Fender solid state amp. I consider this quite an achievement. I didn't get much time to tweak the settings on the amp or the pedal, but I was very pleased with the result.

CLASSIC Simon Baughen, Bristol UK

A truly inspirational unit. I got a great sound within thirty seconds of plugging in. I was even able to get good overdriven sounds through a little solid state practice amp. I really wish your pedal had been around when I first started to play 25 years ago. It really is a work of art. Congratulations.

CLASSIC Christopher Guido, Far Hills NJ

My first impression is that it is fantastic! I love the attack sensitivity. Thanks!

CLASSIC Ron Jennings, Yeadon PA

Got your pedal in the mail @4:30 when I came home. I just got done playing. It's 8:30. Nuff said?

TWEEDY Michael Fenwick, Chicago IL

I just got my Tweedy pedal today, and have to say it's probably the best pedal I have ever used. It's the most versatile, tone filled, amp-like pedal I have ever played, bar none.

CLASSIC Pavel Piterkin, Verdun QC Canada

I received my V-Stack Classic a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it. Thanks for a great sounding product!

BHM Ian Guthrie, Woking GB

It's the dog's blx, mate! - I'm a very satisfied customer.

CLASSIC Vangelis, Athens, Greece

This thing is very good!!! V-stack classic is great!!! B.T.W. your pedal is playing OLYMPICS complex since yesterday and until the end of August. Thousands of people hear it every day on my guitar.

CLASSIC Rob Cramer, La Grange Park IL

I have been looking for this tone for years! Thank you! If I could only have one pedal, it would be yours!

TWEEDY Mike Pacheco, Farmington NM

Got the Tweedy yesterday, am a/b'íng w/ Classic today. Initial reaction - *very* positive.

CLASSIC Ed Day, Martinez CA

I have been heavily tinkering with various tones for close to 20 years now and did not expect to find a tool as eye-popping as the V-Stack. A usable preamp pedal like this is a first in my experience. Thanks again for creating the preamp. You did a great job! You have saved me from alot of future guitar track headaches.

BHM Alessandro Percelsi, San Raffaele Cimena, Italy

Nice sound! Thank you for all.

BHM Gilad Prokopets, Netanya, Israel

I just got my BHM edition and it produces amazing sound!

BHM Filipe Sousa, Rio Tinto, Portugal

I can say that today I'm a happy man! The V-Stack BHM is the greatest thing I've played until today. As a Brian May fan I could not expect more of it! Great tone and punch just like an AC-30 and Treble Booster combination. I've played with my homemade RS replica and feel a shiver up my spine...Brian May is here.