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Product Description

The V-Stack guitar pre-amp features an authentic sounding vintage valve amplifier simulator, seamlessly combined with a built-in classic treble booster.

The heart of the V-Stack pre-amp/simulator is an exclusive proprietary custom analog microchip, which allows a level of circuit complexity, performance, and power economy simply not possible using conventional discrete circuit approaches. The extra complexity afforded by this state-of-the-art semiconductor technology translates directly to a higher precision of the amplifier emulation circuitry.

The 100% analog circuitry of the V-Stack, like the venerable vintage amplifiers it is designed to simulate, comprises a pre-amp stage and an output stage coupled by a tone control network. These stages have been carefully designed, with the aid of extensive computer simulation, to produce the same harmonic and sweet overdrive characteristic normally associated with the valve amplification stages they emulate. This unique sound results from a combination of asymmetrical and symmetrical signal compression, produced by the pre-amp and output stages respectively.

Another key component of the V-Stack architecture is a state-of-the-art low noise/high performance integrated version of a classic treble booster. Together with the V-Stack's amp simulator capabilities, this feature makes the V-Stack a portable and self-contained vintage guitar tone solution. This also means that with the DRIVE control set at or near zero, the V-Stack can be used as a high performance treble booster.

A built-in speaker cabinet response simulator rounds out the signal-processing lineup, and provides a final touch of realism for D/I recording purposes. This produces a similar result to close-miking an amplifier stack in a soundproof environment, such as an anechoic chamber.

The V-Stack features a "universal" output, having a master level control to allow the V-Stack to interface to any type of input from mic level to above line level without compromising tonal quality or signal-to-noise ratio.

More Features

  • Authentic sounding vintage valve amplifier simulator featuring built-in classic treble booster

  • Self-contained and portable vintage guitar tone solution for recording, practice, or performance

  • Excellent for D/I recording

  • Overdrive range from "clean" to "infinite sustain"

  • Turns any type of audio amplifier (even a PC sound card) into a screaming lead stack

  • Can simulate heavily overdriven amplifier tones at practice sound levels or lower

  • State-of-the-art circuit design based on an exclusive proprietary analog custom microchip

  • Simple and intuituve controls based on "harmonic signature" amp modeling principle

  • Built-in classic treble booster featuring improved performance and lower noise

  • Triode valve (12AX7/ECC83 etc) pre-amp simulator

  • True-symmetric Class A - A/B (push-pull) power output stage simulator

  • Special BASS and CUT amplifier bandwidth modeling controls

  • Guitar speaker cabinet response simulator

  • Universal output adjustable from mic level to above line level

  • "True Bypass" footswitch

  • Ultra low-power design extends battery life (500+ hours using an alkaline battery)

  • High reliability double-sided printed circuit board electrical assembly

  • Sleek, rugged construction featuring classic styling

  • Fits in a jacket pocket; weighs just 14 oz